January 24, 2018

My free session checklist!

Have you ever felt a bit overwhelmed trying to plan your photo session? I’ve had some pretty incredible clients over the last few months, but I noticed there was a pattern in the booking and planning process. 

As a photographer, I’ve received many emails asking what they can expect for their first photo session, how to save ideas for potential photos, and so much more. I was more than happy to help, but I began to wonder if there was anything online that covered the very details they were asking about.

After doing a quick search about two weeks ago, I realized there were plenty of checklists to assist wedding clients. However, there wasn’t much available in terms of resources to assist with photo sessions outside of wedding photography. And for what resources I could find, they were geared specifically to photographers.

SO… I decided that wasn’t good enough.

I sat down and began to create a checklist that anyone could use to ensure they had all of their ducks in a row when it comes to planning and booking a photo session with their choice of photographer. What started off as an idea slowly became a checklist that I am now ready to share with you all!

Do you know what the best part of this entire project is? It’s 100% free for you to download.

You heard me right. You can download this checklist FREE of charge! All you have to do is subscribe to join my digital tribe and you’ll get your freebie ASAP.

What is Included

My checklist is broken down in three major parts: before, during and after your session. In each part, my checklist will covers things like deposits, payments, planning, key details and so much more. Why? Because I want to help you out so you can ENJOY your session rather than worry or stress about forgetting any details.

Get your hands on this amazing checklist today by clicking the picture below! It’ll only take a minute to sign up and you’ll have that checklist in your inbox faster than you can say “Voila!”


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