October 24, 2017

Embracing Your Inner Fairy

Who doesn’t love the idea of dressing up like a glamorous forest nymph and posing for the camera? I know I certainly would jump at the chance!

Some of you have probably already seen sneak peeks of my new Creative Glam series on Instagram or Facebook, but I thought I’d share some “behind the zenes” insight on this amazing series. The Creative Glam series is seasonal shoot that features women in gorgeous, handmade flowers crown made by Catherine Zoernig in a forest nymph-like setting.

After humming and hawing about this idea for the last year, I finally mentioned it to my mother – Catherine – who was immediately up for this project. To say I’m incredibly thankful for this partnership is an understatement – as this means we get to work together on something we are both passionate about. For anyone who knows myself and my mother, you know that we make a killer duo when it comes to things like this.

The first session of the series features two young women, Alexandra and Kyra, that sported two gorgeous autumn-inspired crowns. The intent of the series is to take a simpler approach to makeup and showcase the models’ individuality and beauty. After all, every person is stunning in their own way and I wanted to highlight this with each session. Personally, I think Alex and Kyra nailed it!

Whether it was posing in the grass or wandering through the trees, these two absolutely killed it. They were willing to try anything I asked of them and we finished the evening off with some stunning photos. I mean… we even lucked out with the weather!

While I always hope for gorgeous weather, we had the perfect scenario that evening. Not only did we get that gorgeous Alberta sunset glow, but we also had a greyness to it that provided an eerily beautiful tone to the photos.

Now… you’re probably wondering: Why would you want to it be eerily beautiful?

I’m glad you asked! Ever since I was a child, I’ve always preferred the darker side of fae lore. I’ve never enjoyed the “cute” or “Tinkerbell”-like stories. In fact, I usually can’t stand them. Instead, I prefer the darker tales that share their true nature – dangerous and beautiful.

While I didn’t want the shoot to be too dark, I wanted there to be a sense of beauty yet danger. Even Kevin said, “they’re really beautiful in an eery way.”

That, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly what I was hoping for. I wanted the girls to look like they knew a secret you didn’t know. And that’s exactly what Kyra and Alex did.


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